About NiBres, Inc.

We Create Support Systems That Work.

NiBres, Inc. creates branded services thats sole purpose is to help others. Our philosophy is that if you have a destination in life, you must help others in order to get there. With each of our branded services, we have saw a need and created services in order to fulfill that need for others.

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Vizulus Design is a digital services company that assists startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses as they launch and grow their enterprises. Providing website development and design services, app development, content creation, and management services. Vizulus also provides business consulting services and virtual assistant support. With all of these services, we have evolved to become a truly remote, affordably priced integrated team for businesses in their early and growth stages of their development. www.Vizulus.com

Spacial Urban Renewal Cooperative program works with commercial building owners and government entities that have been impacted by the digital changes to the commercial real estate industry. Spac/al creates and implements programming in order to get commercial spaces filled while working with startups and other entities that needs affordable space to grow.


Local Bee Notary is a mobile notary service that partners with commissioned notaries. We teach, train, and work with our partners in order to serve Title Services, Brokerages, and Mortgage companies.


CorporateComfortStay.com is a branded service of NiBres,Inc. that works to

provide corporate lodging and business accommodations for contractors, corporations, and other professional travelers to support them as they work remotely and travel around the world. We provide lodging, shuttle services, as well as business office and conference space.